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Ridgemor Farm, Inc. is nestled in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee. The farm started with the primary focus being promoting and preserving the Cleveland Bay, a rare and endangered breed. We hope to do this by showcasing the athleticism and the versatility of the breed in the show ring. We also have Cleveland Bay/Thoroughbred horses for sale, also known as Cleveland Bay SportHorses. These crosses have proven their athleticism in the international arena. We have a very limited breeding program for these SportHorses and hope to begin a limited purebred breeding program as we develop our farm.

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In January, 2008, we expanded our operation by leasing an additional 100 acres one mile from the original farm. . We took over a boarding program in place. In the Fall of 2009 we welcomed trainer Leslie Wylie to the farm. To learn more about her, visit the Training/Lessons link. Tally Mock cares for the horses, which are checked over once or twice a day, depending on their location. Tally is excellent at picking up injuries which helps us provide superb care of the horses. We have a wonderful working relationship with Countryside Veterniary Services who will come out and evaulate an injured or sick horse whenever we need them. Other veternarians are allowed to be used if boarders have a preference. The horses are on a regular worming program and the farrier comes out regularly. We are looking into adding services such as tacking and grooming for interested boarders. We also plan to have Holli Adams, renowned AA circuit hunter/jumper trainer, visit often for clinics.

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11-17-08 A busy show season has almost ended. It has been very successful. The last event was River Glen well Katy, Amelia, and Joni all did well.

Welcome to new boarder Mary and her horse Indiana.

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Ridgemor Farm Inc.
335 Roddy Branch Road
Rockford, TN 37853

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Please explore this site and learn about the Cleveland Bay horse and our young Cleveland Bay stallions, our horses available for sale, as well as our lesson program. Thank you for visiting and please come often.

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